small BIG update- I’m a dad!

“Where is the continuation of the Laravel tutorial series? “, the people cried…
Calm down, something huge has happened. The reason the article series abruptly stopped is because a week ago my girlfriend went into labor and a few hours later my son was born. Yes people of the internets, I am a father!

In short, last week was spent settling in at home with the new family member, changing diapers and not getting that much sleep.
But worry not, between feeding little Theo and putting him in the crib (without waking up, which is a challenge), I have the nights to myself and will get back to finishing the Laravel series. If you haven’t setup Laravel 4 yet, do it now cuz part II is coming up.. 🙂

Hello my name is…

Hello Internets, I hope you’re all well. I sure am, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and… Oh yeah I’m removing the “coming soon” maintenance mode on my site – finally right!!

The reason I put it up was because the last post was from may 6th 2011, which was like.. when… I don’t know too long ago.
So I slammed up the coming soon page until I had time and motivation to do something with the site again. First of all I really needed to change the look, feel and layout, which in other words means designing (creating!) a new theme. But with a fulltime job, and x number of personal projects on the side, there just is NO TIME.
And also, while surfing around on other web-personalities sites I realised that most of them don’t have any special, cool sites. Nowadays it’s mostly a one column (mobile “optimized”) page with texts. So why should I do something extra ordinary? Let the content speak for it self!

So, started looking for something simple and clean, which – for a perfectionist – is not all that easy with all the gazillion choices out there.
But finally, at around 03.24 last night I settled for the Superhero theme from Automattic. Sure it is not perfect, but I like it and something to build on.

Now with a theme in place, a handful of plugins disabled and deleted, all old posts moved to an archive category, I can start going through the very long list of stuff I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I have so much I want to tell, share with and show you!

First… I have som laundry to do.


Ohyes, I do wonder about one thing – so help me out.
This post is in english, and many of my old posts are too, and I’m split in this should you (i.e me) write in english or swedish (as I live in sweden).
Okey, Later!

Change is coming…

Hey there, how are you all doing?
What a fantastic year 2011 has been so far, don’t you agree!!! =)

As there has been some activity on the site as of late I thought I should make a small post so that all new and old visitors know I’m still alive and kicking. The fact is it’s been kind of hectic as of late so my poor little personal site has fallen inte dismay.
I am planning a redesign och all sorts of stuff to do and happen here, but we’ll have to see  when I get the time. I really, really want to start sharing and writing about all the cool, fun and interesting things I find everyday!

Oh well, it’s really late and I’m tired, but now you know I’m still alive 😉

You can catch me on twitter, and some other sites – check the contacts page!
And don’t forget the business page


Selfpromotion ranting – featured as InterRails person of the month

So this is not going to be any interesting article on some new stuff facebook or twitter or something else thats happened in the webdeveloping world.
No Sir! This is a plain and simple self promotion post on ME!! Because it is like this. A few weeks back I got a tweet from the guys at InterRail telling me about a new featured section they where starting up for the fan/person/interrailer of month and asked med if I wanted to be the first one. My first thought was WoW, that sounds amazing.

I was a bit surprised to be honest, sure I had been very active with them at the beginning of the year during the Mashable Awards voting [I voted for them like crazy – everyday]. But still, that they wanted me to be the first, of course I’d do it.

And so without further ado, here is your first InterRail Fan of the Month ….


Why I voted for them so much during Mash-Awards?? Well, the simple reason that they are one of the most active companies on Facebook and Twitter. They really try & do answer every question they get, and socialize with their fans, all the railers. So there really was no question who should win the “Best Social Media Customer Service”… =)

A year has passed and new things loom

Wow, time really flies, right!
I moved here to Helsinki a year and a month ago, but feels like it was, well a little shorter than that. My Helsinki adventure started a bit slow, with work being hard to find. Actually in the beginning I did get some interviews but then it died of. Hade some freelance projects and the “dream” (read: will) of having my own company grew stronger and stronger.
I started looking into how to start one here in Finland, options, economic help, taxes and so on and so on. In the end of April I then finally filed the papers and May 1st was the start date of Divajn – Creative Studio. Got the papers back in the end May end from May 21:st or 22:nd the business was official and legit.

Business has been somewhat slow so far, mostly been working on my own projects, now owned by the company (?). And also it’s summertime so people are on vacation.
Have a few offers out which will be decided upon in the beginning of August, so cross your fingers…

With the changes that have happened and business that’s been started, this page will begin a slight transformation soon. It will change from my personal freelance portfolio site to just being my personal site, with some portfolio stuff. Hopefully, time accepting, more frequent posts and also on more topics than just web-development, I’d like to include more of my interest here too to tell you all about all the cool stuff.

So I welcome you all to divajns website at and all future work request and suggestions I prefer if you send them through there 😉 THANX!
And for this site, you can look forward to more interesting stuff in the near future.

Help Haiti and it's people

As you all may know, a hug earthquake hit Haiti a few days ago and thousands of people have been killed or lost their homes. In wake of the catastrophe many idiots for people have started fake donation sites and services to cash in on the people in Haiti.

If you’d like to contribute and help please visit, a grassroots movement started by my great favorites, Wyclef Jean to aid Haitians. Yele needs your help now more than ever, so click the link below and please help Haiti and it’s people!!!

IMPORTANT: mail problem caused lost messages from site

Yes, well, I was away to Stockholm the past 2 days and off course I had problems with my mail and the contact-form on the site. All is fixed and good now, but if you did send me a message through the form Monday or Tuesday, there is unfortunately a big chance I did not receive it.

So I’m sorry if I didn’t  answer you, but please do send me a new message and I will get back to you =)

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Fresh new website for the new year

Aaaaaah, so I finally finished the new site, allthough not totally 100%. Still have some information to fill out about the different projects and jobs I’ve done.

But I’m really really happy with the new look. Even though I did like the old one, and tried to to make a new version of but then found other inspirations and so it is now a lot brighter and fresher ! 🙂 Continue reading