Webdesigners vs. Webdevelopers (funny infograph)

I found this on SixRevision [a very good site btw] and well just had to share with you guys.
So which one are you??? I think I’m somewhere in between…

web-designers vs developers

Web Designers vs Web Developers is brought to you by Wix.com
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A year has passed and new things loom

Wow, time really flies, right!
I moved here to Helsinki a year and a month ago, but feels like it was, well a little shorter than that. My Helsinki adventure started a bit slow, with work being hard to find. Actually in the beginning I did get some interviews but then it died of. Hade some freelance projects and the “dream” (read: will) of having my own company grew stronger and stronger.
I started looking into how to start one here in Finland, options, economic help, taxes and so on and so on. In the end of April I then finally filed the papers and May 1st was the start date of Divajn – Creative Studio. Got the papers back in the end May end from May 21:st or 22:nd the business was official and legit.

Business has been somewhat slow so far, mostly been working on my own projects, now owned by the company (?). And also it’s summertime so people are on vacation.
Have a few offers out which will be decided upon in the beginning of August, so cross your fingers…

With the changes that have happened and business that’s been started, this page will begin a slight transformation soon. It will change from my personal freelance portfolio site to just being my personal site, with some portfolio stuff. Hopefully, time accepting, more frequent posts and also on more topics than just web-development, I’d like to include more of my interest here too to tell you all about all the cool stuff.

So I welcome you all to divajns website at http://divajn.eu and all future work request and suggestions I prefer if you send them through there 😉 THANX!
And for this site, you can look forward to more interesting stuff in the near future.

Release: Latest project for photographer Kalle Kataila is out

So for the past few months I’ve been at work with a new site for finnish photographer Kalle Kataila.

Kalle as described at his own, newly released website
Kalle Kataila (b.1978 Helsinki) is an artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Kataila’s work is based around concepts of landscape, awareness and personal stories. He has exhibited with artists from The Helsinki School at Paris Photo, Art Forum Berlin, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris and the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki. Kataila’s works are in art collections at the Helsinki City Art Museum and the Finnish State Art Gallery as well as in several private and corporate collections in Europe and in the United States.

The site has what you call a minimalistic design, with no more information than the essentials. As K.Kataila himself is an artist, designer, the layout and design of the site largely created by himself. I took more of a consultant role in that area, and then made it all happen with html and css. Everything, more or less, standards based or rather W3C validated (as I’m writing this there are some underlying dusting to do, no worries, nothing you can see 😉 )

Other than Html/CSS the inside workings of the site are handled by PHP and a MySql database. To my aid I used the fantastic CakePhp framework, which has a lot of built in functionality one take advantage of to build applications/websites faster.

I’m not going to go into more detail about Cake here now, I will do a longer post at the swedish blog, feel free to surf over and read it there in a day or two (use google translate if needed.)

So, check out Kalle Katailas new site and do leave a comment  on what ever!

Homepage of photographer K.Kataila

Homepage of photographer K.Kataila

Gallery view of K.Kataila

Gallery view of K.Kataila

Googlebots view of your site

I don’t know if this has been around for awhile or not, haven’t logged into Webmaster Tools for some time.
But anyways I just noticed a ‘new’ link in the Google Webmaster Tools menu, Labs. If you click on Labs to open the sub menu you’ll get three options, the first being “Fetch as Googlebot“.
Fill in the url of the page you want to check and within a minute you’ll receive the page just as Googlebot sees it.