– Me

What am I, well besides a human, I’d describe myself as a developing web-creative, or just simply a web nerd.
I’ve had a passion for the web since the last bubble burst. For the past few years I have been focusing more on doing something with that passion, and helping to make the web a better place.

I am an addict for cool apps, social media, music, candy and coffee. Spend way too much time reading interesting blogs, watching webinars & googling interesting stuff – shame on me for being too interested in new things.

With a background in web-programming studies at Kalmar University, Sweden, I have a wide knowledge base of different programming languages.
My main development focus and interests at the moment are PHP, AIR [flex] and social medias.

– Knowledgeable in

Adobe suite
– Dreamweaver
– Photoshop
– Flash Builder
Expression Studio
Visual Studio 2008
– (x)html
– css
– javascript
– php
– asp.Net
– xml
– Mssql
– Flex

– the Site

This site was first seen on the web on October 5th 2007. That was roughly 2 months after my studies at HIK started. I wanted to set up my personal site & portfolio when school started to be able to showcase different things we would do during our two years. As school took more and more time, the site went into a coma.
Most creative people have this disease where your own portfolio usually gets left behind, even though it should get your full attention as if it were your baby.

Now, some two and a half years after its birth the site got a total makeover, from code to design. I switched platform to WordPress, and started planning how and what I wanted to include on the site. While surfing for inspiration to try make  a decision I just got more and more ideas, so the inspiration hunt came to a halt, I chose a wordpress-template to work on (why re-invent the whole wheel?) and got to work.

Site facts:

Launched: 2010 [in current form]
Code: (x)html, css, javscript with WordPress as backend
Design: Myself! a modified wordpress theme based on “simple-organisation” by Arcsin.