Get started with Laravel 4

This first part is less about Laravel and more about Git and Composer. We will set up our local Laravel installation och push it to Github.

This post-series is written in Swedish and you can find it by clicking the link to the right –> [with the Swedish flag]


Update: Dec 2014

As this post get tweeeted out, I feelI should say that it is an old article (series) I started summer 2013, but never got finished.
I am planning on a new Laravel 5 series, also in swedish, during January. So come back soon 🙂

Secure your Facebook connection

A while back there was a lot of talk about peoples accounts being easily hacked with a Firefox plugin called Firesheep. This could be done because sites like Facebook didn’t use secure https connections.

Well now, as some may have noticed, Facebook has solved the problem and you can now activate https, “whenever possible“.

This is how to activate it:

  • click Account in the right corner
  • Account Settings
  • Click the Account Security heading (third from bottom)
  • Mark the Secure Browsing (https) option

Option should be available to everyone, but if you don’t see it check back in a few days.
You could also fill in the ‘s’ in the adress bar yourself when you login so that the adress is instead of .

custom post-types in WordPress 3.0 (swedish)

I wrote a small introduction and guide to creating custom post types in the upcoming WordPress 3.0.
If your swedish is somewhat okey, you can read the article over at my swedish blog or try the google translated version (the grammar sucks but hey).

You read about all the new stuff in WordPress 3.0 in the WP codex .

A.L.A Webworkers survey 2009

I just completed this years survey over at A List Apart.

Every year they do a survey for people who work with making websites to check up on what we know, trends, work situation and so on and so on. So if your a student or working with web related stuff in any way, head over and take the survey!

a.l.a websurvey 2009

Googlebots view of your site

I don’t know if this has been around for awhile or not, haven’t logged into Webmaster Tools for some time.
But anyways I just noticed a ‘new’ link in the Google Webmaster Tools menu, Labs. If you click on Labs to open the sub menu you’ll get three options, the first being “Fetch as Googlebot“.
Fill in the url of the page you want to check and within a minute you’ll receive the page just as Googlebot sees it.