Google Star Wars easter egg

A long time ago at google far, far away…

So as you know, Google does some funny stuff every now and then. Yes I’m talking about the easter egg, often on or YouTube and so on.

Well now it’s time again, so hurry up and:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for ”A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”
  3. Press enter
  4. ENJOY!

Chrome white and the seven versions

“Hey dude, you wrote seven versions. Chrome is like at uuuh v.6.0. It just came out.”

Oh yeah?? Check your Chrome version, right Now!
See told ya.

So Google has snuck in a new version of Chrome to all of us, again. Feels like I just downloaded v6, yes I downloaded it, it wouldn’t do it automatically so.
And the feeling I have, and you might have is correct. Google released version 5, around August 10th and today is, well now it’s 19th of October. Thats only 2.5 months, for TWO whole versions. That is crazy development time.

The question is should they really be releasing full version number? Because, like now, theres only minor fixes and changes. What are Google running for?
Is it Safari, well you’ve passed them.
Firefox – well they’re still at 3.6 (huh? how come)
Opera – hmm soon to turn 11 =D
Or is it good old IE? IE goes version 9 very soon, IE9 beta  allready out, so is that Googles aim and big goal in life for Chrome?

If it’s not, if they plain and simple love updating the version in itself. Very soon, like say 3 years, we will be on I’d say Chrome 40…

Oh a nightly rambling, I should be in bed, so – GoodNight!

Googlebots view of your site

I don’t know if this has been around for awhile or not, haven’t logged into Webmaster Tools for some time.
But anyways I just noticed a ‘new’ link in the Google Webmaster Tools menu, Labs. If you click on Labs to open the sub menu you’ll get three options, the first being “Fetch as Googlebot“.
Fill in the url of the page you want to check and within a minute you’ll receive the page just as Googlebot sees it.