Selfpromotion ranting – featured as InterRails person of the month

So this is not going to be any interesting article on some new stuff facebook or twitter or something else thats happened in the webdeveloping world.
No Sir! This is a plain and simple self promotion post on ME!! Because it is like this. A few weeks back I got a tweet from the guys at InterRail telling me about a new featured section they where starting up for the fan/person/interrailer of month and asked med if I wanted to be the first one. My first thought was WoW, that sounds amazing.

I was a bit surprised to be honest, sure I had been very active with them at the beginning of the year during the Mashable Awards voting [I voted for them like crazy – everyday]. But still, that they wanted me to be the first, of course I’d do it.

And so without further ado, here is your first InterRail Fan of the Month ….


Why I voted for them so much during Mash-Awards?? Well, the simple reason that they are one of the most active companies on Facebook and Twitter. They really try & do answer every question they get, and socialize with their fans, all the railers. So there really was no question who should win the “Best Social Media Customer Service”… =)

Secure your Facebook connection

A while back there was a lot of talk about peoples accounts being easily hacked with a Firefox plugin called Firesheep. This could be done because sites like Facebook didn’t use secure https connections.

Well now, as some may have noticed, Facebook has solved the problem and you can now activate https, “whenever possible“.

This is how to activate it:

  • click Account in the right corner
  • Account Settings
  • Click the Account Security heading (third from bottom)
  • Mark the Secure Browsing (https) option

Option should be available to everyone, but if you don’t see it check back in a few days.
You could also fill in the ‘s’ in the adress bar yourself when you login so that the adress is instead of .

New Facebook Page Browse page released

So earlier this evening (friday) Facebook made an update to Pages and launched Page Browser! What?!

Yes Page Browser, it’s a new [for facebook] and easier way to find new, interesting, cool, what ever you want Pages. Finally, yes that is my first impression! Now if we could get this for people too, yes? no?
Because honestly, that’s been one of the big weaks points on FB in my opinion, it’s really hard to find new people. If you don’t hang around in groups and pages all day… Then again, maybe that’s what one should do.. hmm?
Lately on the otherhand I’ve been wishing I had less “friends”, so perhaps finding new ones is not an issue 😛

Anyway, Facebook Page Browser has launched, do check it out!! =)