Hello my name is…

Hello Internets, I hope you’re all well. I sure am, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and… Oh yeah I’m removing the “coming soon” maintenance mode on my site – finally right!!

The reason I put it up was because the last post was from may 6th 2011, which was like.. when… I don’t know too long ago.
So I slammed up the coming soon page until I had time and motivation to do something with the site again. First of all I really needed to change the look, feel and layout, which in other words means designing (creating!) a new theme. But with a fulltime job, and x number of personal projects on the side, there just is NO TIME.
And also, while surfing around on other web-personalities sites I realised that most of them don’t have any special, cool sites. Nowadays it’s mostly a one column (mobile “optimized”) page with texts. So why should I do something extra ordinary? Let the content speak for it self!

So, started looking for something simple and clean, which – for a perfectionist – is not all that easy with all the gazillion choices out there.
But finally, at around 03.24 last night I settled for the Superhero theme from Automattic. Sure it is not perfect, but I like it and something to build on.

Now with a theme in place, a handful of plugins disabled and deleted, all old posts moved to an archive category, I can start going through the very long list of stuff I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I have so much I want to tell, share with and show you!

First… I have som laundry to do.


Ohyes, I do wonder about one thing – so help me out.
This post is in english, and many of my old posts are too, and I’m split in this should you (i.e me) write in english or swedish (as I live in sweden).
Okey, Later!

Ideas and thoughts?