Fresh new website for the new year

Aaaaaah, so I finally finished the new site, allthough not totally 100%. Still have some information to fill out about the different projects and jobs I’ve done.

But I’m really really happy with the new look. Even though I did like the old one, and tried to to make a new version of but then found other inspirations and so it is now a lot brighter and fresher ! šŸ™‚

old lauhakari site v.1

The site now rests comfortably on WordPress, which I’m loving more and more to work with. Initially i was going to code the theme by myself from scratch, but while browsing for inspiration and tips IĀ  got stuck for a theme from Arcsin I really fell for. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I decided to modify the ‘simple-organisation‘-theme found on his site.

I’ll propably release my version of the theme to all you in due time, still have some tiny quirks I will fix, tune and change. You know how it is, you’re never done :s I tried to add some subtle designs elements that you might not notice at first, but makes the experience a lot nicer.

I did not go the HTML 5 route, not yet, but I did use some CSS3 elements, like border-radius for rounded corners. All of you Using IE, the site will be just a tiny bit less appealing for you, Sorry! Haven’t used that much javascript either, allthough got some ideas for things I want to incorporate in the near future. And off course, what more perfect place to try stuff out than ones own site.

I’m hoping to keep the blog alive and kicking now with the new site and wordpress. I still have the swedish blog left and as that was going to be my main focus for blogging about web related stuff, because there are so many english already, you should add it to your reader also (yes I’m on a mighty self promotion journey here).

Well I’d love some comments on the new site and/or any bugs you find, yes yes there might some. It’s my own site not a clients , no worries *eeeehm* šŸ˜›

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