custom post-types in WordPress 3.0 (swedish)

I wrote a small introduction and guide to creating custom post types in the upcoming WordPress 3.0.
If your swedish is somewhat okey, you can read the article over at my swedish blog or try the google translated version (the grammar sucks but hey).

You read about all the new stuff in WordPress 3.0 in the WP codex .

Release: Latest project for photographer Kalle Kataila is out

So for the past few months I’ve been at work with a new site for finnish photographer Kalle Kataila.

Kalle as described at his own, newly released website
Kalle Kataila (b.1978 Helsinki) is an artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Kataila’s work is based around concepts of landscape, awareness and personal stories. He has exhibited with artists from The Helsinki School at Paris Photo, Art Forum Berlin, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris and the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki. Kataila’s works are in art collections at the Helsinki City Art Museum and the Finnish State Art Gallery as well as in several private and corporate collections in Europe and in the United States.

The site has what you call a minimalistic design, with no more information than the essentials. As K.Kataila himself is an artist, designer, the layout and design of the site largely created by himself. I took more of a consultant role in that area, and then made it all happen with html and css. Everything, more or less, standards based or rather W3C validated (as I’m writing this there are some underlying dusting to do, no worries, nothing you can see 😉 )

Other than Html/CSS the inside workings of the site are handled by PHP and a MySql database. To my aid I used the fantastic CakePhp framework, which has a lot of built in functionality one take advantage of to build applications/websites faster.

I’m not going to go into more detail about Cake here now, I will do a longer post at the swedish blog, feel free to surf over and read it there in a day or two (use google translate if needed.)

So, check out Kalle Katailas new site and do leave a comment  on what ever!

Homepage of photographer K.Kataila

Homepage of photographer K.Kataila

Gallery view of K.Kataila

Gallery view of K.Kataila

WinPhone 7series – Watch it revealed at MWC 2010

Unlike many of my friends and colleagues, I am not an Apple fanboy. Actually I’m more of a Microsoft fan-boy, allthough not really that either, but more so than apple. So it’s not surprising I’m looking forward to Microsofts keynote at MWC2010 in Barcelona where they will reveal the new Windows Phone 7 series.

Well, after that presentation… I WANT ONE!!!

Help Haiti and it's people

As you all may know, a hug earthquake hit Haiti a few days ago and thousands of people have been killed or lost their homes. In wake of the catastrophe many idiots for people have started fake donation sites and services to cash in on the people in Haiti.

If you’d like to contribute and help please visit, a grassroots movement started by my great favorites, Wyclef Jean to aid Haitians. Yele needs your help now more than ever, so click the link below and please help Haiti and it’s people!!!

IMPORTANT: mail problem caused lost messages from site

Yes, well, I was away to Stockholm the past 2 days and off course I had problems with my mail and the contact-form on the site. All is fixed and good now, but if you did send me a message through the form Monday or Tuesday, there is unfortunately a big chance I did not receive it.

So I’m sorry if I didn’t  answer you, but please do send me a new message and I will get back to you =)

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A.L.A Webworkers survey 2009

I just completed this years survey over at A List Apart.

Every year they do a survey for people who work with making websites to check up on what we know, trends, work situation and so on and so on. So if your a student or working with web related stuff in any way, head over and take the survey!

a.l.a websurvey 2009

Googlebots view of your site

I don’t know if this has been around for awhile or not, haven’t logged into Webmaster Tools for some time.
But anyways I just noticed a ‘new’ link in the Google Webmaster Tools menu, Labs. If you click on Labs to open the sub menu you’ll get three options, the first being “Fetch as Googlebot“.
Fill in the url of the page you want to check and within a minute you’ll receive the page just as Googlebot sees it.

Fresh new website for the new year

Aaaaaah, so I finally finished the new site, allthough not totally 100%. Still have some information to fill out about the different projects and jobs I’ve done.

But I’m really really happy with the new look. Even though I did like the old one, and tried to to make a new version of but then found other inspirations and so it is now a lot brighter and fresher ! 🙂 Continue reading

First Adobe AIR app. – FeedFetcher

Yees, I have completed the first version of my first Adobe AIR application ever. You could say it’s in an alpha/beta stage. It can be run but there is some functionality that is not implemented yet.

It is so far a simple feed reader, which announces when there are new posts. It checks with specied intervals if there are new entries, if so, it plays a sound and shows an alert box, and the windows gets focus (if it is minimized).
Features that are coming include, saving the feeds, follow multiple feeds simultaneously and choose the update speed.
(and also a brand new Design!)

Well, want to try it – get it!