Northernshine Kennel

This is older sites I’ve done, for Northernshine Kennel. Back in 2003-2004 I redesign the site and built it from ground up using html & css with som javascript effects for the images on the site.

Back then I was mostly into frontend design/coding so there was no WordPress or self hacked php, asp or coldfusion system behind. Just plain old static html pages. Back then, at least for Northernshine, it really didn’t matter because of their information on the site was very static.

Unfortunately the kennel shut it’s doors in 2008 and so the last re-design and update made in 2007 did not live very long.
They were kind enough though to let me keep it alive as an example site on my own domain, which is why the adress is and not the original

I made a Flash version of the site during my studies in Kalmar, but seem to have misplaced the files for it. If you are very interested in seeing it I could probably try and dig them up.

Ideas and thoughts?