Music Twitter – how did I miss

So apparently, some months ago Twitter launched something called Music Twitter.
I’m not really sure what it is, but from my first sightings it seems to be some kind of music discovery service. Or?

You can listen to short previews of songs with links to iTunes, and you can log in with Spotify or Rdio to listen to full tracks.
How did I miss all this, haven’t heard a word of it until today when I saw this article on TNW about it “quickly fading into obscurity”.
Well well, now You know too!

small BIG update- I’m a dad!

“Where is the continuation of the Laravel tutorial series? “, the people cried…
Calm down, something huge has happened. The reason the article series abruptly stopped is because a week ago my girlfriend went into labor and a few hours later my son was born. Yes people of the internets, I am a father!

In short, last week was spent settling in at home with the new family member, changing diapers and not getting that much sleep.
But worry not, between feeding little Theo and putting him in the crib (without waking up, which is a challenge), I have the nights to myself and will get back to finishing the Laravel series. If you haven’t setup Laravel 4 yet, do it now cuz part II is coming up.. :)

Get started with Laravel 4

This first part is less about Laravel and more about Git and Composer. We will set up our local Laravel installation och push it to Github.

This post-series is written in Swedish and you can find it by clicking the link to the right –> [with the Swedish flag]


Update: Dec 2014

As this post get tweeeted out, I feelI should say that it is an old article (series) I started summer 2013, but never got finished.
I am planning on a new Laravel 5 series, also in swedish, during January. So come back soon :)

Laravel PHP Framework

coming up: A small Laravel tutorial

Yes, here we go. I am going to embark on my first ever tutorial (series) adventure, and it will be on the great Laravel PHP framework.
Now a few things I want to note: first of I have never done this before, so it will be a learning experience for myself. I’m hoping to get some of you interested in Laravel and at the same time deepen my own knowledge in the framework. Very egoistic right ;)

Second, it will be in swedish. Oooooh please don’t cry, there is a reason for it.
Even though most of this site will be in english, from time to time I will make some swedish elements. Reason being, there is so much stuff out there for you english speakers already. Swedish people are generally very good at english, but some do prefer to get their info in their “mother tongue”.

I’m working on the first, and second, part at the moment and it will hopefully be out this week, but the swedish midsummer holiday is on friday so will have to see. I might end up just barbecuing and having some beers.

STAY tuned…